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The EBC Trinity College CertTESOL would like to thank you all for your confidence is us. Our courses are getting full. The May 25 course is now full. The next available course is the June 29 – July 24 course. Future course dates are still open, pick the best for you on the TEFL course in Madrid page.

Guaranteed one year English teaching job with your EBC Trinity CertTESOL

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Yes you can! Renew your Spanish student visa with EBC

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Gold standard quality from Trinity College London

What are TEFL and

TEFL stands for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and TESOL for Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages. Both are valuable because they show that you have the skills to teach in both English and non-English speaking countries. These two qualifications are the way to get great jobs teaching English abroad.

EBC offers a unique opportunity to get both TEFL and TESOL by offering a dual award EBC International TEFL Certificate and Trinity CertTESOL English teacher training course. The Trinity CertTESOL is a gold-standard qualification with global acceptance in the world’s best language institutions.

The Trinity CertTESOL has international recognition and acceptance, in addition it has college equivalence and university credits in the USA.

EBC dual award TESOL and TEFL graduates

EBC dual award TESOL and TEFL graduates


What can TEFL courses do for you?

It opens the doors to travel, adventure and fulfilment.

Did you know that there are many more English teaching jobs available than there are trained EFL teachers to fill them?

Did you know that if you have an accredited certificate like our Trinity CertTESOL you will be able to find jobs easily almost anywhere in the world that needs trained English teachers?

Whatever your reasons may be, the gift of becoming an accredited English language teacher is a good career choice. You will gain a valuable skill that:

  1. will always be in demand and pays a decent wage;
  2. can be used virtually anywhere in the world;
  3. gives you the opportunity to travel and experience different cultures and lifestyles;
  4. gives you a solid set of life skills that will always be with you;
  5. and last but not least, opens the door to a highly rewarding career that not only benefits you, it also benefits your students and helps them improve their lives.

As an English teacher you will have a direct influence on peoples’ lives and help them realise their goals. Teaching is a noble and rewarding profession within which you will find a tremendous level of satisfaction and fulfilment watching your students improve.

EBC TEFL Course Application

What are your goals, questions or concerns?

I want you 100% informed, clear and happy before you apply.

Speak soon.
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WhatsApp Us

How can I study and learn to teach English?



4-week International TEFL Certificate Course

  • Worldwide job placement
  • Accommodation arrangements
  • Trinity CertTESOL
  • Student visa

Online course


Premium 150-hour Online TEFL course

  • Trainer support
  • Teaching practice option
  • Worldwide job placement

Blended course


150-hour online TEFL course plus real teaching practice

  • Trainer support
  • Virtual or classroom-based teaching practice
  • Worldwide job placement

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About EBC

EBC has been providing ESL and other language services in Madrid since 2002 and has grown into a successful and well-known language centre. EBC now shares its wealth of knowledge and practical experience with people who would like to enter the ESL profession by offering the EBC International TEFL Certificate.

Our TEFL courses are gold-standard. Our Trinity CertTESOL accreditation meets British Council requirements and is accepted by all language schools around the world.

After graduating you will have the opportunity to join our sister company EBC y Asociados Idiomas, a Madrid based language consultancy providing business and general language training services to some of the top companies in Spain and the world.

We can help you realise your dream of living and working abroad.

Have a good look through our site and if you like what you read:

See you on our next course!



EBC is accredited by Trinity College London to deliver the Trinity CertTESOL. Our accredited centre number is 65747


Job placement

Our worldwide, proactive job placement service is second to none. Many have copied us, none have come close to being a rival.


Student Visa, Spain

We offer a one-year Spanish student visa subject to terms and conditions.



Part of the attraction of EBC´s courses is travel. We make this as simple as possible and we will arrange your accommodation for you using our trusted suppliers.

Where can I study?

Trinity CertTESOL course in Madrid, Spain

Madrid – Trinity CertTESOL


Madrid, Spain

Madrid is the best place to find TEFL jobs in Spain.

Madrid has a terrific night life for those of you who like to let your hair down after a hard day’s work, but it is also a great city for the arts, culture, history and sport.

EBC’s Trinity CertTESOL course Madrid Spain programme is unrivalled in Madrid. In fact, EBC is the only school in Madrid where you can take your Trinity CertTESOL.

Student Visa for Spain

It has never been easier for anyone who does not have a European Union (EU) passport to come to Spain, study and stay legally while learning. If you do not have an EU passport, no problem. Our Gold and Road2Spain packages are recommended as ideal options for our non-EU students.

EBC International TEFL courses in Greece

Chania – EBC International TEFL Certificate


Chania, Greece

Chania is one of the best places to find TEFL jobs in Greece.

Chania, or XANIA as it is spelled in Greek, is a beautiful coastal town located on Crete, the largest of all the Greek islands. Crete lies south of the Aegean Sea. It has snow-capped mountains and lush green coastal plains. There are many historical sites to visit including Knossos, home of the fabled Minotaur. The island offers an abundance of beautiful beaches and rocky coves, charming villages and quaint harbours as well as excellent food.

Chania and Crete in general has a frenzied night life, Greek style. Crete is a friendly and hospitable country with great food, varied cuisine, ancient and modern architecture and lots to do and see. We hope that you are looking forward to your TEFL courses in Chania Crete.

EBC International TEFL courses in the Philippines

Boracay – EBC International TEFL Certificate


Boracay, Philippines

Boracay is the best place to find TEFL jobs in Philippines.

The EBC TEFL course Boracay Philippines programme is taught to you next to the best beach in the world as voted by the Sun Herald, Australia and Harper’s. Boracay Island is the perfect place for one to encounter a diverse cultural exchange while immersing oneself in a TEFL programme.

Meet people from all parts of the world in one of the most unique places in the world. Imagine this! You arrive at Aklan or Caticlan airport. You are picked up by our private minibus service that brings you through lush tropical forests to the port of Caticlan. You then take a 15-minute boat ride in one of the local fishermen’s’ boats across crystal clear blue water full of multi-coloured coral and a multitude of tropical fish. After you get off the boat, you will be driven to the EBC campus accommodations. After you’ve dropped off your suitcase, you walk a few hundred yards and then find yourself on a 5 mile stretch of white sand beach bordering the clear warm sea.

EBC Online TEFL Certificate

At home or school

You may not be able to take 4 weeks off from work or family commitments so EBC’s Online TEFL courses give you the opportunity to get trained as an English teacher and allows you to work at your own pace and in your own time. EBC Online TEFL courses are a great way to learn how to become an English teacher in a way that is both convenient and accessible.

Study wherever you are then teach abroad. Study at home or at work. Travelling? no problem! Stop by any internet cafe to work on your online TEFL course. Travelling in the wilds? no problem. Print the material and work on it without the need to log on to the internet. Instant access to your online TEFL course. You won’t have to wait for stuff to arrive in the mail.

  • EBC trains and prepares course students to succeed as English language teachers.
  • We operate at a higher level than most other courses
  • Our TEFL/TESOL certificate courses are written to QCF level 5 standards
  • Our job placement programme is unrivalled with a 100% success record

TESOL / TEFL courses from EBC

Featured course – the Trinity CertTESOL in Madrid, Spain

The EBC Trinity CertTESOL in Madrid is without a doubt the best TEFL certificate course in Madrid.

Choosing the right TEFL course is essential. By taking the Trinity CertTESOL, employers know that you made sure that you took a worthwhile training programme. You learnt valuable personal and professional skills that you can take into any classroom. If you want to travel, your Trinity CertTESOL certificate has worldwide acceptance and you will be able to work almost anywhere as an English teacher.

  • It is a “gold standard” premium accreditation course.
  • It is very well priced.
  • We include proactive, lifetime, worldwide job placement at no extra cost.
  • Your certificate unlocks worldwide jobs with the British Council.
  • You can get up to 60 university credits.

The fee? 1,400 Euros with NO hidden extras. Less than a CELTA and only 25 Euros more than the Madrid IATQuo course.

Trinity College CertTESOL certificate

Graduate reviews

Jannik Blair, Australia
Jannik Blair, Australia

Read Jannik's story

Cynthia Harger, USA
Cynthia Harger, USA


Allison Heslop, USA
Allison Heslop, USA


Join our growing EBC family

To become an English teacher all that is required is some of your time to take one of our EBC TEFL courses. Once you graduate, EBC gives you lifetime, worldwide career support that will get you working quickly and will always be there for you when you want a change.


EBC Online TEFL Certificate

Our memberships

EBC is committed to providing quality EFL training and maintaining best business practices in order to provide a quality TEFL Certificate training course.

In order to provide an up-to-date, high quality TEFL Certificate training course that meets real world TEFL requirements, EBC is proud to be an institutional member of these organisations.

 Trinity College London

Trinity College London

International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language

Chartered College of Teaching (Staff membership)

Chartered College of Teaching (Staff membership)

Chichester College England

Chichester College England

Anglia Examinations

Anglia Examinations

Madrid Chamber of Commerce

Madrid Chamber of Commerce


Contact us

EBC TEFL Courses

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  • Phone: (+34) 915 553 975
  • Time Zone: Central European Time (CET)
  • Open: Monday to Friday
  • Hours: 9:30 am. to 5:30 pm.
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EBC tefl courses, Madrid

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